2016 Miata Update

Winter is over, the snow all gone, and i finally have the Miata out of storage. A few things have changed over the past few months, here’s a quick run down.

Nearing the end of winter i started getting serious about buying some new wheels and tires as the tires on my stock wheels were in need of replacement. Ideally i wanted to buy a set of 15×8 Enkei RPF1 in SBC finish with 205/50 Star Specs but at $1700 they were almost double what I told Sam i would spend. Lucky for me a friend of mine (GEEDEETHREE) had drove down to TF Works to buy some maintenance items for his new S2000 and noticed a set of RPF1 in standard Silver finish in my size. These were significantly cheaper than the SBC set from TireRack and still quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else i had looked for them in the Silver finish. After a few emails and about 3 minutes of “thinking about it” i made the call and they were mine.

Not sure what to do with this huge sticker they threw in with the wheels.

Also grabbed a set of Muteki SR35 lugs in black.

Black lugs and fancy Anodized blue valve stems are going to look real good.

So now that i have one of my favorite sets of wheels for my car i just need to get a set of tires and to get the fenders rolled… Unfortunately i had to set these wheels aside for a bit while i finished off my semester and got moved into a new apartment.

Nice to have a secure place to store and work on the car.

Fast forward 2 months and i’ve got tires, DZ102s, and a fender roller.

Tires mounted.

Fenders rolled, wheels mounted, and ride height set.

Car looks great now and I’m enjoy driving it around. Plans for now are to continue regular maintenance on the car and to start driving it at the local SCCA Solo events.


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