Winter is coming… i think.

well its been a few weeks since i parked the Miata for the winter and started driving my new-to-me $1300 winter beater. Other than needing  a new battery its been good so far.

We had some snow last weekend but it all melted within a few days and there is no snow in the 10 day forecast so not sure whats going on with that.

Went to the storage unit today to put away a bunch of baby toys and summer stuff and look at the Miata a bit. Went ahead and pulled off the side markers because I’ve always wanted to swap out the amber for clear, may try to make some soon. probably not though, i thought it would be easier to separate the lens from the assembly.

Other than that im just going to try and buy a bunch of boring stuff over winter for the car. New radiator, hoses, ball joints, blah blah. Would like to make some changes to my Bilstein coilover set up and buy some wheels but i dont see that happening this winter.

Also found an old valve cover that I previously removed the letters from to smooth out the top. I may try and get this powder coated to replace my current one that i painted black a couple years ago that is starting to show its age.

We have been trying to focus on buying a house ASAP which will be cool. Been spending a lot of time on the garage forum looking at cool people with cool garages that are doing cool things, ill get there one day.

Other than that I’ve just been focusing on family and school. Close to wrapping up my first semester back and will start looking at earning some certifications. Exciting stuff.

Not sure if she really likes, or really hates the Hotwheels Evasive FRS.

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