My miata – 2015 Recap

This Weekend i made it a point to wash the car up real good and go and take some pictures of it. By the end of the month i will be parking this car for the winter which is completely new to me.
Ive had this car for about 4 years now and 2015 was by far the best year for this car. It got a new engine in March that has been very reliable so far. Also upgraded to “budget Bilstein” shock and spring setup and Flyin Miata Frame rails.
Aside from those big upgrades ive also done a lot of small things to the car. New speakers, door panels, interior trim pieces, High flow cat, new soft top, and i steam cleaned the hell out of my 10th Anniversary seats.
I drove the car as much as possible after i got the new engine installed. Took it out on the country roads a hand full of times with Sam, my dad, and some other miata people that i have met up here. I also drove a 400 mile round trip to Shawano Wisconsin for Final Bout 2.
Over the winter i hope to find a way to buy a set of wheels and tires as well as some needed maintenance items.

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