looking back at my photography

I bought my first camera, a second hand Nikon D60, about 7 years ago. Since then I’ve taken several thousand photos in a lot of different environments. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any motivation to pick up the camera and get out and shoot for the past couple of years. That is, until recently. I am finally settling down after moving across the country and its time to jump back into things.

I’ve been going through old photos and have decided to do a sort of recap of my photography and where it has taken me.

2It all starts here, I took this photo on a group photo shoot set up by some people on the local car forum. This was about a month after buying my first camera and I met a handful of really helpful people, a few of which I am still good friends with.

From there, I took every opportunity I could to shoot my friends cars. the photos were bad.

DSC_0019Really bad!


and even worse.


But I kept on shooting, taking advice from others, and getting better. I met a lot of really cool people and really cool cars.

Gti-46 DSC_2679 16 1111

Some friends faded.


Others became lifelong friends.

1 untitled-66untitled-1

I found lots of excuses to travel to Sebring and meet new people.

DSC_5757 untitled-1-2

I got the chance to work with a few blogs

4 DSC_5429

And even had a feature in S3 Magazine.

4w 1w

Looking back on all these good times and good people, I cant really say why I lost interest. After thinking back on these times, and dusting off the camera for a trip to Final Bout 2, I think I have found the passion I lost for photography and will get back into the swing of things.

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